How To Make A Cheap DIY Glass Shelf At Home

glass shelves

Shelves best serve for storage at the same time they can add beauty to your home. Give an aesthetic look to your unproductive wall by just installing a glass shelf.

Are you creative enough? You must try your talent by making your own customized glass shelf at home. Here is a step by step guide to your customized glass shelf.

Let me first explain some common uses of glass shelves that will help you find a more accurate type of shelf according to your need.

  • A unique use of glass shelf includes using a glass shelf for plants. If you love plants you probably know that some plants need more sunlight than the others. In that case, installing a glass shelf into your window, not only help to keep the plant save but also add unique style.
  • Floating glass shelf will best fit into your child room. Make sure to place them out of there reach and try using tempered glass to avoid any no favorable condition.
  • Placing a rectangle glass shelf over the sink will add extra storage to the kitchen with a sense of change.
  • Glass shelves best suits when hanged in bathroom and showers.

Now a day’s stylish brackets or holder that holds shelf are being popular. Let’s discuss some trending types of holders as they can play a vital role in the final look of your shelf.

  • Fixed bracket type shelving is usually used in wood and glass shelving. They basically include individual brackets that can be used stand-alone or with a combination of others. Fixed brackets are designed to hang or attached directly to the wall. They are available in different materials from the market.
  • Then it is a built-in shelving system. These are those shelving that is structured inside the walls like a single plank of wood fixed horizontally into a wall. They are most commonly used shelving system that can be installed anywhere in a home. They are the best option for unused and awkward places.
  • The floating glass shelving system is most versatile in the field of shelving, they are available in different designs, styles, colors, and shapes. They are best used to display items. Floating glass shelf is the best option for style in a messier room. They allow the furniture are other decoration a free space and fits almost every decoration style.
  • And now the last but not the least corner shelving system. It the cleverest way to use boring and tiring corners in a productive way. By adding three to four vertical hanged corner glass shelf you can turn your wall into great storage space.

Other type shelving like bent glass shelves, custom cut glass shelves, adjustable bracket shelving and folding shelf brackets are also available in the market. Select the type best match to your requirement and simply go for that.

Step 1: Plan the shelf

planning glass shelves

Before going to physically buy anything lets identify why and where we are going to place our glass shelf, maybe you need to identify which material you are going to choose for your shelf. If you are ever intimated by working with glass, then let me clear one thing. By just following some instructions from experts you can almost eliminate the risk of injury. Once we have decided the material then let’s decide the shape of our shelf. If you wanted to hang the shelf in a crowded room then placing a corner shelf can help more. In comparatively larger rooms, placing a horizontal row of three or more shelves can be reasonable.

Cutting a glass at home can be easier but if you don’t want to take the risk place an order for a custom cut glass easily available on home improvement stores and glass specialized stores.

Step 2: Take measurements

measuring glass shelves

After planning our shelf and identifying the exact position to place the shelf, we need to pay special attention to our measurements. Do remember minor mistakes in the measurement can result in blunders in our whole process. Take the measuring tape and write down each and every single detail.

Now mark the positions according to your measurements. We will mark the glass after a while.

Step 3: Cut the glass

cutting glass shelves

Cutting glass may seem a crucial task, be patient and follow instructions. First make sure to select a place large enough, where you are going to cut the glass. Now again check that the measurements and mark the glass with suitable glass marker. Place the glass on your working table and put straightedges along the positioned we marked earlier. Now use a glass cutter to cut the glass. If you are a new bee you may use a lubricated glass cutter to make a round shape of glass along straightedges and then apply pressure to separate the unwanted part. If you are using this method, make sure to do the process in one continuous motion.

Step 4: Install the glass shelf

It’s time to install our shelf in our desired position. First off assemble all parts of the shelf including holders, brackets, screws and all that. Now hold the shelf again the wall and mark the central points of holders. Remove the holders and use a level to extend the marked points into a vertical line. Center the middle round of put the bracket and drill holes at each mark.

Now you can replace the bracket and insert screws into the wall anchors. Repeat the same for other brackets too. Check the shelf mount is level by removing the shelf from holders and sliding the holder over the bracket. Now place the shelf and fix it (tighten the screws).

Task completed. Now rock the style with your new self.

The glass is heavier material when compared to wood and aluminum. So we need to take precautionary measures. Choosing the most suitable thickness of the glass is very necessary. If you are going to place heavier materials on shelf choose a thicker glass. To provide adequate support to glass chose a glass fastener designed to support the glass. You must choose a fastener best matching to your shelf thickness. Always try to insert the glass into glass fasteners in case of glass shelving to make it stable.

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