What’s the Difference between Interior Architecture and Interior Design?

Interior Architecture

There must be explicit discussions of the blurring of lines and words that define the roles and responsibilities of a profession. There have been many factors over the past few decades that have increased the ambiguity of the terms: interior architecture and interior design. The uncertainty in these words has led many designers to become more involved in technical aspects and structure of interior design, and less associated with the decorative and the soft furnishings side.

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture:

Initially, interior architecture was more of a subject in a course and than a profession. Due to the development of technology the scope and responsibilities of an interior designer have increased. Thus, the term interior architecture has come into use on a daily basis.

An interior architect works with building contractors to design and create the structural features of a building. Things like room sizes and shapes, plumbing, the placement of windows and doors, heating, and other utilities are considered by an interior architect professionally. These interior architecture professionals usually require formal education and a university degree.

Interior Designer:

They are professionals who use their creativity and artistic sense to set up interior space. Interior designers usually travel a lot to the location of the building they are designing. These professionals are concerned with the decoration or ‘art’ of space that includes soft furnishings and color schemes. The people in this field need to pay close attention to details and have strong communication skills. Some of the other responsibilities of an interior design include meeting with clients, preparing project proposals, modifying the design to fit the budget, etc. A bachelor’s degree is usually required, and some states need these professionals to be licensed.

Differences between Interior architecture and Interior Designer:

Both interior designers and architects are highly trained professionals who have a brilliant knowledge of architectural principles. It is a highly regulated field, and the architects are involved with designing homes that are safe for the occupants. They work with the primary structure of a house, and they are allowed to make changes to the construction of the building. Interior Designers deal with changing the parts of a home or a building that does not interfere with the structure of the building.

Architects are involved with designing the structure of the building; it can be exterior or interior. These include things like electrical work, plumbing work, millwork, ceiling finishes. Interior designers are involved with deciding the style and the look of the interiors of a house. They determine the lighting plan and make specific fixtures and placement.


The term ‘interior design’ is used on a broad scale, and this term is used for many professions with various skill levels; this usually causes the confusion. There are varieties of skill levels within a given profession that is common to many disciplines. Thus the argument of the difference between interior design and interior architecture is neither significant nor constructive.

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