How To Make A Cheap DIY Glass Shelf At Home

glass shelves

Shelves best serve for storage at the same time they can add beauty to your home. Give an aesthetic look to your unproductive wall by just installing a glass shelf.

Are you creative enough? You must try your talent by making your own customized glass shelf at home. Here is a step by step guide to your customized glass shelf.

Let me first explain some common uses of glass shelves that will help you find a more accurate type of shelf according to your need.

  • A unique use of glass shelf includes using a glass shelf for plants. If you love plants you probably know that some plants need more sunlight than the others. In that case, installing a glass shelf into your window, not only help to keep the plant save but also add unique style.
  • Floating glass shelf will best fit into your child room. Make sure to place them out of there reach and try using tempered glass to avoid any no favorable condition.
  • Placing a rectangle glass shelf over the sink will add extra storage to the kitchen with a sense of change.
  • Glass shelves best suits when hanged in bathroom and showers.

Now a day’s stylish brackets or holder that holds shelf are being popular. Let’s discuss some trending types of holders as they can play a vital role in the final look of your shelf.

  • Fixed bracket type shelving is usually used in wood and glass shelving. They basically include individual brackets that can be used stand-alone or with a combination of others. Fixed brackets are designed to hang or attached directly to the wall. They are available in different materials from the market.
  • Then it is a built-in shelving system. These are those shelving that is structured inside the walls like a single plank of wood fixed horizontally into a wall. They are most commonly used shelving system that can be installed anywhere in a home. They are the best option for unused and awkward places.
  • The floating glass shelving system is most versatile in the field of shelving, they are available in different designs, styles, colors, and shapes. They are best used to display items. Floating glass shelf is the best option for style in a messier room. They allow the furniture are other decoration a free space and fits almost every decoration style.
  • And now the last but not the least corner shelving system. It the cleverest way to use boring and tiring corners in a productive way. By adding three to four vertical hanged corner glass shelf you can turn your wall into great storage space.

Other type shelving like bent glass shelves, custom cut glass shelves, adjustable bracket shelving and folding shelf brackets are also available in the market. Select the type best match to your requirement and simply go for that.

Step 1: Plan the shelf

planning glass shelves

Before going to physically buy anything lets identify why and where we are going to place our glass shelf, maybe you need to identify which material you are going to choose for your shelf. If you are ever intimated by working with glass, then let me clear one thing. By just following some instructions from experts you can almost eliminate the risk of injury. Once we have decided the material then let’s decide the shape of our shelf. If you wanted to hang the shelf in a crowded room then placing a corner shelf can help more. In comparatively larger rooms, placing a horizontal row of three or more shelves can be reasonable.

Cutting a glass at home can be easier but if you don’t want to take the risk place an order for a custom cut glass easily available on home improvement stores and glass specialized stores.

Step 2: Take measurements

measuring glass shelves

After planning our shelf and identifying the exact position to place the shelf, we need to pay special attention to our measurements. Do remember minor mistakes in the measurement can result in blunders in our whole process. Take the measuring tape and write down each and every single detail.

Now mark the positions according to your measurements. We will mark the glass after a while.

Step 3: Cut the glass

cutting glass shelves

Cutting glass may seem a crucial task, be patient and follow instructions. First make sure to select a place large enough, where you are going to cut the glass. Now again check that the measurements and mark the glass with suitable glass marker. Place the glass on your working table and put straightedges along the positioned we marked earlier. Now use a glass cutter to cut the glass. If you are a new bee you may use a lubricated glass cutter to make a round shape of glass along straightedges and then apply pressure to separate the unwanted part. If you are using this method, make sure to do the process in one continuous motion.

Step 4: Install the glass shelf

It’s time to install our shelf in our desired position. First off assemble all parts of the shelf including holders, brackets, screws and all that. Now hold the shelf again the wall and mark the central points of holders. Remove the holders and use a level to extend the marked points into a vertical line. Center the middle round of put the bracket and drill holes at each mark.

Now you can replace the bracket and insert screws into the wall anchors. Repeat the same for other brackets too. Check the shelf mount is level by removing the shelf from holders and sliding the holder over the bracket. Now place the shelf and fix it (tighten the screws).

Task completed. Now rock the style with your new self.

The glass is heavier material when compared to wood and aluminum. So we need to take precautionary measures. Choosing the most suitable thickness of the glass is very necessary. If you are going to place heavier materials on shelf choose a thicker glass. To provide adequate support to glass chose a glass fastener designed to support the glass. You must choose a fastener best matching to your shelf thickness. Always try to insert the glass into glass fasteners in case of glass shelving to make it stable.

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4 Best Thematic Interior Designing Ideas Around The World


An art and a science at the same time, per definition interior design are to enhance the interior of space and buildings, to achieve the maximum pleasant effect on the environment look. Nowadays people can even be confused with so many ideas for home decoration or designing, making it difficult to choose between so many options.  To develop a concept of a theme for interior design is a complex task, which begins at the development itself, going through the management, planning and finally the execution of the project. Here we have 4 conceptual thematic interior ideas that are making a buzz around the world. These fours ideas can be recycled and used far beyond the limits of the designer. Enjoy!

  • Scandinavian: Scandinavian home décor style is an off shot of mid-century modern movement. It introduced a popular minimalist look to interior architecture field that last to this day. Although most people associate it with IKEA (is a Swedish-founded multinational group, headquartered in the Netherlands, which designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories), there are variety of subset looks within Scandinavian design itself. Featuring gentle contours, playful accent colors, and a balance of engineering and organic materials, Scandinavian furniture usually is simple. Also can be described as functional and contemporary. Many Scandinavian designers employ Bauhaus principles and are characterized for thin lines, focus on object proportions, and a more populist appeal. The great majority of Scandinavian interior use white with gray tones as the foundation colors.


  • Bohemian: Bohemian decor captures the carefree and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. It features creative application of rich patterns and vibrant colors, especially those with red or purple tones. The key is to carefully present a purposefully “messy” look. Layer on textiles (throws, pillows, rugs, tapestry) for a warm ambience. It also reflects the “Boho-chic” style of the early 2000’s, with a more nomadic, non-bourgeois, and more spirited tone. More exotic colors like tie-dye and suzani are heavily used, along with a more eastern accent in decoration, full of Moroccan, lanterns and pillows back.
  • Mid Century Modern: The mid 1900’s produced some of the most iconic pieces in modern design. It’s characterized by refined lines, minimalist silhouettes, and more natural shapes. From designers and decorators like Saarinen, Niemeyer, Eames, Noguchi, Jacobsen and beyond, the mid-century modern masters defined creative ways to use new materials like molded plastic, plywood, and aluminum in industrial design. Its pieces are highly versatile and can complement a myriad of design styles.
  • Shabby Chic: Shabby chic décor emphasizes vintage elements to recreate the antique flea market look. Furniture is characterized by their age appearance, with distressed wood composition covered in sanded milk paint to show signs of wear and tear. Decorative accents of for shabby chic décor should be soft and opulent, often with an affected feel, in order to bring the overall interior design to a contemporary standard. Generously introduce linen textiles for added style. Though orthodox shabby chic colors are white, ecru and pastel, don’t be afraid to apply some more vibrant colors to the concept.
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7 Different Types of White

White is the lightest color in the color spectrum. It completely scatters and reflects every wavelength of light that is visible. The color of chalk or fresh snow is white. The color white represents many things in different countries. For example, in Egypt and ancient Rome, it represents purity as the priestesses over there wore white garments.

White toga is worn by the Romans to symbolize citizenship. White lamb was a symbol of purity and sacrifice in the Middle Ages. White is a common color used in churches and government buildings. In the US and Europe, white is seen as a color of honesty, good, and cleanliness. White gowns are normally worn in weddings representing purity and virginity. Apart from the pure white color, there are different shades of white as well. Here are some of the different types of white you will see around you.


It is an off-white color that is similar to the color of ivory.

It is an off-white color that is similar to the color of ivory.You can find this color on the teeth and tusks of walrus and elephant. It has a little tint of yellow.


Cream color resembles the color of cream that you get from the cow’s milk.

This color resembles the color of cream that you get from the cow’s milk. It is used commonly as paint colors in buildings and other structures.


It represents the usual color of chicken eggs.

It represents the usual color of chicken eggs. It is another shade of white that is used in painting, fabrics and other regular items that we use every day.


Vanilla may look white, if you look deeper you will see that it’s not pure white; it’s actually a shade of white.

This color will definitely remind you of the vanilla ice cream. Though it may look white, if you look deeper you will see that it’s not pure white; it’s actually a shade of white.


This color has a light pinkish tone just like the actual seashells.

This color has a light pinkish tone just like the actual seashells. It is often seen in pearl ornaments. It is a popular shade of white.


This is the sweet color of the beverage champagne.

This is the sweet color of the beverage champagne. Dresses of this color look very elegant and beautiful. Now you get champagne-colored mobile phones too.


This is the color of actual bone.

This is the color of actual bone. It is a popular paint color that landlords use. It can hide stains and dirt, unlike the pure white paint.

All these are different types of white that we can see around us. So, when it comes to choosing a fabric or paint you can precisely say what color you want. By knowing the exact name of the different types of white you will be able to get the exact color of something you want.

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Should You Use Paper Napkins or Linen Napkins at a Dinner Party?

Fine dining requires proper etiquette., which includes the proper use of napkins.

In the past linen napkins were used in most dinner parties. But after 1950s paper napkins became popular as they were disposable and people didn’t need to go through the hassle of cleaning it. It was very convenient to use. But nowadays the use of linen napkins have increased again as people have become more environmentally conscious. Here are the factors you should consider when choosing paper napkins or linen napkins at a dinner party.

Cloth napkins are more traditional and more appropriate for fine dining.


After using paper napkins we usually throw it out. It ends up in landfills causing land pollution. But linen napkin is reusable. You can wash it, dry it and use it again. But washing and drying consumes energy and gives off greenhouse gases. You can use cold water to wash the napkins in order to reduce the environmental impact.


Paper napkins are convenient as you don’t need to go through the hassle of washing it. You can use it and throw it in the bin. Then take another one if needed.


Buying cloth napkin is expensive than paper napkins. But cloth napkins are reusable. Also, in general people use 3 paper napkins in one sitting; whereas, they use one linen napkin when having dinner. So, in the long run, you actually save money by buying linen napkins.

Looks better at dinner table

The linen napkin looks better at the dinner table. The guests will get a good feeling seeing beautiful linen napkins at the table. It symbolizes class and luxury as opposed to the paper napkins.


Though many paper napkin manufacturers are coming up with colorful and decorative napkins, the varieties of linen napkins are more. You can choose from a wide selection of linen napkins for your dinner party.

Paper napkins are more sanitary, and easy to use.

The type of napkin you choose entirely depends on your preference. Both types of napkins have their pros and cons. Linen napkins are good for formal dinner parties. But paper napkins are convenient and are widely used in restaurants today. If you use linen napkin, you should make sure that you wash it in a way that it consumes less energy and gives off less greenhouse gases. When using paper napkins you should be careful not to throw the napkins here and there. Some companies have come up with recyclable paper napkins. So, using these napkins can lower the negative impact on the environment.

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5 factors that determine whether to choose curtains or blinds

A window that is naked requires some draping. Would it be a curtain or a blind?

When you consider window treatment before moving to a new house or renovating your old house, you often get into a dilemma whether to choose curtains or blinds. Curtains have been used for a long time, but the popularity of blinds is increasing. Here are some of the factors that you should consider before deciding which one to buy.

Curtains are soft and looks good in any interior design.


You can get curtains in various types of designs and fabrics. The selection is simply unlimited. But with blinds, you won’t get so many varieties. So, if you are looking for lots of options to choose from then you should go for curtains.


Curtains are cheaper then blinds. Curtains are made up of fabrics that are cheap. But blinds are made of wood or other materials that are more expensive than fabrics. Also making blinds takes more work than making curtains.

Light control

With blinds, you can have better control of light. You can keep it partly open according to the amount of light you want to enter in your home. But with curtains, you cannot control the entry of light that precisely. So, controlling light is an important factor for you then you should buy blinds.


For a hassle-free maintenance, you must choose curtains. You can just wash it in your washing machine. But Venetian and other blinds are hard to clean. Dust easily accumulates on the slates, so you will need to clean each slate one by one.

Sound control

Curtains allow better sound control. As blinds have gaps in between sound can easily pass through and enter the home. So, you might not get that quiet environment you are looking for in a house.

Blinds are more modern and can block the glaring sun.

All these factors will affect your decision to buy curtain or blind. Curtain usually goes well with any style of home interior. But many modern homes are now having blinds. There are many types of blinds available in the market. You must know the characteristics of each blind in order to buy the right type of blind for your home. In case of curtains also, the choice is unlimited. Whatever you choose depends on the material, design, and cost. Before you buy a curtain or blind, make sure that it matches with the other things in your room. A well-designed curtain or blind can completely transform the look of your house. So, you should take the time to research and buy the best one in the market.

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The World’s Top 3 Interior Designers

Interior Designers

Your home, be it a house or an apartment, is supposed to be a place where you enjoy laying around, where you relax, where you can feel like yourself, life your true self. No social life masks there, that is a refuge for you and your family. If you happen to own a hotel or a lodge you want your guests to feel they are in a very special and unique place, you want them to cherish the memories acquired in your establishment so they can go back there next time they are in town. The point I’m making is how can your home be truly yours, how can your lodge leave impressive impressions or tender feelings in the heart of your guests, how can the interior of a building stand out enough to be cherish and remembered?

I’ll present you with a short list of three persons that can answer these kinds of questions not only with words. Their work is all about answering those kinds of questions with taste, keen eyes, furniture, tapestry, pictures and all sort of decorations. It was a difficult choice to make, but without further ado I give you the Top 3 Interior Designers.

Interior Designers

Kelly Hoppen:

What does it take to be one of the top professionals of your field? Well it takes a lot of things, maybe this is not the right question but it certainly is very close to the right one. Let’s try to respond quickly. It takes discipline, it takes love for what you do, it takes a certain amount of belief in oneself, it takes hard work and it takes – are you ready? – it takes versatility. One of the key traits of tops anything is being versatile on their respective field. Kelly Hoppen designs the interior of residences, yes. But she also designs the interior of boats, planes, restaurants and offices. Not only that, she sees the whole process of interior design as art, as one can easily confirm by making a visit to her website’s sections Lear the art of.

Victoria Hagan:

A top designer must also know how to use the architecture in her or his favor and Victoria Hagan is a master when it comes to this. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of space (yes, a lot of space can be a problem) or if you have tiny spots and you pretend they are rooms, Hagan will find a solution and you will thank her. On top of that, she makes interior designs for homes like very few of others interior designers. She deserves to be in this top three.

Marcel Wanders:

Now we move to the extravagant one. Marcel Wanders is one of the best interior designers out there because of his ability to induce people to think about lewdness or to think about surreal dreams, depending on which of his environments you are in. It is dangerous, as an interior designer, to force your mind that much upon the ambient you’re decorating because, you know, you could just be a boastful person with a distorted mindset and not even realize that but that’s not Marcel’s case. He isn’t dislodged in this list.

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6 benefits of a Sectional Sofa in a Formal Living Room

Sectional sofas are modern, stunning and has many benefits for your home.

If you are thinking of decorating your living room then the first thing that will come to your mind is the sofa. It is the central piece of any a living. However, it can be overwhelming to decide whether to by a regular sofa or a sectional sofa. There are a lot of advantages of buying a sectional sofa.

Utilizes maximum space

Sectional sofas can adapt to spaces unlike traditional sofas.

A sectional sofa can easily fill up corners. With regular sofas, you might have empty spaces left out. Sectional sofa allows you to plan better. For small rooms, sectional sofas are very good options.


sectional sofa are already in sets, thus, more practical and affordable to buy.

A sectional sofa will cost less than a traditional sofa where you have a sofa, chair, and loveseat. So, if you are under tight budget then it’s a good idea to buy a sectional sofa.

Casual look

Sectional sofa is the best sofa for casual family activities.

If you want a casual look for your living room, the sectional sofa will be the ideal choice. It is the perfect place to sit with family members and watch a movie or gossip all day long. You can sit close to each other and share popcorns when you are cheering for your favorite sports team as well.


Sectional sofas are more comfortable since it allows you to sit and lie in any position you want.

Sectional sofas are very comfortable. You can sit in any position. Sometimes, you can extend your legs and lie down while watching a movie. If you have an extra guest in the house, you can easily make the sectional sofa into a sleeping place.

Attractive design

Sectional sofas have many attractive designs to choose from.

The sectional sofas look attractive. There are various designs available for sectional sofas. You can get U-shaped sectional sofas, L-shaped sectional sofas, and more.

Flexible positioning

With flexible positions, you can do a lot of things in a sectional sofa.

You can pull apart the sectional sofa and arrange in different ways if necessary. It’s a great way to change the look of the room. You can also use one part of it in one room and another in the other room.

So, if you want your living room to be attractive, comfortable and a bit different then buy a sectional sofa. You will get lots of options and save money as well. You can have a comfortable place to sit or lie down after a hard days work and enjoy your favorite movie. There are many furniture stores that have high-quality sectional sofas. You should look into some of these stores and check online as well so that you get the best design and price for your sectional sofa.

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5 reasons why smart oven is the best smart appliance to get

This smart oven is one of the newest from Breville.

As part of the smart home trend, smart ovens are occupying the kitchen spaces of many homes today. It’s good looking, functional and has some outstanding features that you never thought was possible with an oven. If you are planning to buy an oven this season then you must buy a smart oven. Even replacing your old oven with a smart oven will be a good decision. Here are the reasons why you should get a smart oven today.

Before we go ahead and proceed with our very own list of a state of the art smart oven, please watch this video to have a better picture and view of the smart oven. If you think that people are just in it, because it is a new fad, well think again! Watch the cool features below to understand what I am talking about!

Here’s the top 5 reasons on our list!

Barcode scanning system

The barcode scanning system will allow the oven to read the smart codes that are printed on the food packaging. The barcode contains information such as the temperature at which you need to cook the food or for how long you need to cook it. So, the smart oven would be able to cook the food automatically.

Pre-programmed recipes

Several pre-programmed recipes are installed in the smart oven. This makes cooking very easy and quick. You will be able to serve your guests easily with the pre-programmed recipes. You won’t need to come every time near the oven to check whether your meal is ready. Once the meal is cooked, the oven will automatically stop.

Safety lock system

There is safety lock operation in smart ovens. So, you won’t need to worry about your children opening the oven and get their hands burned. The smart oven has the safety feature.

Smart ovens are usually four times faster compared to the traditional ovens. So, you can cook meals or warm them within a very short time.

Energy efficient

The smart ovens are energy efficient. These ovens cook faster than the normal ovens, so you will have less energy usage. You will save a lot of money at the end of the month as your energy bills will come down. Imagine how much you will be able to save in the long run! If I were to be asked, smart oven is really a smart buy since you will be able to maximize all the features and get cheaper electric consumption. Electric bills continue to soar up over the years, yet you have an energy-efficient and trusted oven you could rely on.

A smart oven is perfect for your family. It will help you to cook delicious meals quickly. After a hard day’s work, you can quickly prepare a meal for your family with the help of this smart oven. Anyone can operate this oven easily. So, don’t be surprised if you see your husband has cooked a wonderful dinner for you. You will find smart ovens of various price ranges to suit your budget. You can do some research and find out the best smart oven for your home. You can also check 5 smart ovens to make cooking fun!

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Want to be an Interior Designer? Here’s how!


Interior design is becoming a viable career option for individuals who are creative and have a flair for design and decor of homes and offices. Interior designers need to know how to be professional and have necessary design skills to have a career in this field. An aspiring designer who is interested in pursuing a career must be aware of the general nature of the industry and the various responsibilities they will have to take.


Skill required (inbuilt and acquired):

Before choosing a career in interior designing analyze yourself and check if you have excellent abilities in designing and planning. You need to learn how to coordinate and work in a team. Interior design is all about the details and make sure that you have an eye for details by observing everything keenly. In the end, you need patience and the skill to manage time. Most of these skills can be acquired, but some of them are inbuilt.

Licensing Requirements:

Most candidates major in interior design which is a four-year degree program. The Council for Interior Design Accreditation accredits these programs. If you are looking for a place to study, make sure that this Council has accredited the college. If you do not want to spend your time in a school and if not sure if you want to commit to the career, you can take a low cost and a non-credit course at some community college to understand how it would be in the field. A certificate course will benefit you if you want to understand and appreciate interior designing. However, if you aspire to take it up as a profession, it is advised to take up a degree or a diploma course.

Work on your problem-solving ability:

It is essential to understand that interior designing is not about choosing the colour of screens or where the furniture should be placed. You need to know scale drawings for which you will need some mathematical and problem-solving ability. The field is becoming very competitive and if you want to establish your career in this area, then you ought to have a proper understanding of all the subjects in the interior design course.


To get a job in this particular field, you need to interact and communicate with people who have the same interests and participate in any relevant networking opportunities such as workshops and design competitions, to develop relationships with professionals.

You can ask your college’s career and alumni office to provide a list of contacts who can help you out in getting related information.


As an interior designer, you must be able to communicate with your clients and other professionals who are working on a project. You can communicate orally or in writing. As a designer, you can use graphics or designs to make the clients understand what you are trying to tell them.

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What’s the Difference between Interior Architecture and Interior Design?

Interior Architecture

There must be explicit discussions of the blurring of lines and words that define the roles and responsibilities of a profession. There have been many factors over the past few decades that have increased the ambiguity of the terms: interior architecture and interior design. The uncertainty in these words has led many designers to become more involved in technical aspects and structure of interior design, and less associated with the decorative and the soft furnishings side.

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture:

Initially, interior architecture was more of a subject in a course and than a profession. Due to the development of technology the scope and responsibilities of an interior designer have increased. Thus, the term interior architecture has come into use on a daily basis.

An interior architect works with building contractors to design and create the structural features of a building. Things like room sizes and shapes, plumbing, the placement of windows and doors, heating, and other utilities are considered by an interior architect professionally. These interior architecture professionals usually require formal education and a university degree.

Interior Designer:

They are professionals who use their creativity and artistic sense to set up interior space. Interior designers usually travel a lot to the location of the building they are designing. These professionals are concerned with the decoration or ‘art’ of space that includes soft furnishings and color schemes. The people in this field need to pay close attention to details and have strong communication skills. Some of the other responsibilities of an interior design include meeting with clients, preparing project proposals, modifying the design to fit the budget, etc. A bachelor’s degree is usually required, and some states need these professionals to be licensed.

Differences between Interior architecture and Interior Designer:

Both interior designers and architects are highly trained professionals who have a brilliant knowledge of architectural principles. It is a highly regulated field, and the architects are involved with designing homes that are safe for the occupants. They work with the primary structure of a house, and they are allowed to make changes to the construction of the building. Interior Designers deal with changing the parts of a home or a building that does not interfere with the structure of the building.

Architects are involved with designing the structure of the building; it can be exterior or interior. These include things like electrical work, plumbing work, millwork, ceiling finishes. Interior designers are involved with deciding the style and the look of the interiors of a house. They determine the lighting plan and make specific fixtures and placement.


The term ‘interior design’ is used on a broad scale, and this term is used for many professions with various skill levels; this usually causes the confusion. There are varieties of skill levels within a given profession that is common to many disciplines. Thus the argument of the difference between interior design and interior architecture is neither significant nor constructive.

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